It’s been a while since MARC REECE’s much acclaimed solo album “Let It Burn” (Inakustik, 2009) had seen the light, but now the Blues/Rock guitarist puts the waiting to an end by releasing his highly anticipated new work, that goes by the name “Dreamer”. … continue reading

Extentive touring all across Europe and Asia during the past years, either with his own power trio or as a line-up member in the bands of other renowned artists, was the reason it took until 2019 for Marc to finally manage to start the recordings for his fourth studio album. “Dreamer” contains ten songs that show once again why MARC REECE is rightly considered an exceptional guitarist – which is particularly evident in the instrumentals “One For Hannes”, a beautiful piece he wrote for his son, and “At The Market”, which is about an old man MARC met on a market in Thailand, who played a very intriguing, unknown instrument.
With MARC REECE, the songs as those, that partially deal with very personal experiences, are always at the forefront. Sometimes groovy, sometimes soulful and dreamy, MARC takes the listeners on a musical journey. The songs on “Dreamer” provide a very intimate glimpse at the heart of MARC REECE, who names Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn as his musical influences, and who can be always recognized for his very own unique style of traditional Blues, combined with Country, Fusion and 70ties Rock guitar riffs.
Usually only supported by his fellow band members Guido Ludwig on bass and Denis Sarp on drums, MARC has invited Marcus Schinkel (Marcus Schinkel Trio, Voyager IV) on organ/piano and the Jazz musician Adrian
Wachowiak (e.g. Pablo Paredes) on keyboards to the recordings of “Dreamer”.
It’s as clear as day that MARC REECE will be the first on stage, as soon as live concerts will be possible again, entertaining the audience with his gripping songs and his virtuos guitar playing, because on stage he feels at home. Meanwhile, we can improve our home stay with this very fine Blues/Rock album, and look forward to celebrate its songs at one of MARC REECE’s future live gigs.


Mark Reece nimmt seine Zuhörer auf eine elektrisierende, intergalaktische Sound-Reise auf „Dreamer“ mit und garantiert ein fantastisches Audio-Erlebnis


Auf seinem ingesamt fünften Studioalbum zeigt sich der Ausnahmegitarrist in gewohnter Höchstform. Mal rockig, mal bluesig, progressiv, jazzy und garniert mit einer Prise Country – MARC REECE, der Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix und Stevie Ray Vaughan zu seinen wichtigsten Einflüssen zählt, läßt sich nicht von traditionellen Genre-Grenzen aufhalten.


Marc Reece, Guido Ludwig und Denis Sarp zeigen allen Anhängern des Blues Rock, dass man ihnen aus der ewig langen Wartezeit keine Vorwürfe machen kann. “Dreamer” ist reich an Facetten, hat Tiefgang und ist rundum gesehen eine Liebeserklärung an den Blues / Blues Rock. Wenn man im Zusammenhang mit dem Zwölftakter von modern oder zeitgenössisch spricht, dann ist es “Dreamer”. Eine Scheibe, die richtig Spaß macht.